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May 17 2017, 1 Comment

2017 See’s the launch of the Parkitt Performance Suspension Workshop & Seminar. People often perceive suspension set-up as a “Black Art” and tend not to want to make changes for the fear of “It all going wrong”. We want to set the record straight and show you that set-up is all about learning “Cause & Effect” and understanding why things happen and what can be done to change and adjust the settings to arrive at a set-up you feel happy with.
Our aim is to provide a seminar that will leave attendee’s with a basic knowledge of how to set their machines up by understanding what the different elements of the suspension do, how they affect the machine and to understand what is going on inside the units by demonstrating a strip down of some forks and a shock – In our opinion to fully understand set-up is to understand how Forks and Shocks work – to visualise what going on to assist in the set-up thought process – Sound Daunting? Well, with some expert guidance, it won’t be.
Who are we?
Parkitt racing is co-owned by Neil Parkhouse and Tony Norman. Both of who started with bikes from a young age, and turned a racing dream into a business reality. Your course will be taken by Neil Parkhouse who has been trained by, not only, one of the most Senior UK Ohlins Technician but also at The Ohlins Headquarters in Sweden by one of the longest serving Ohlins staff members - Thomas Pettersson. Neil has achieved two Diploma level qualifications with Ohlins but (like the rest of the suspension team) is trained across several of the major manufacturer’s products. Parkitt Performance are first and foremost a performance centre specialising in several disciplines such as Engine Rebuilds, Bike Building, upgrades, Race Tyres,  Road & Race Bike Servicing, ECU Mapping / Flashing – If you want a modification – we can Help. We have a dedicated part of our Tuxford (Nottinghamshire) based workshop where we carry out our Suspension builds and servicing – Neil lives and breathes Suspension and as such is one of the largest elements of our growing business.
Not only do we run a thriving workshop but we have also been offering Trackday attendee’s our set-up service over many years during our time as Trackday Support and we have also supplied, serviced and directly supported a number of National Riders along with a large number of Club Racers and also have a number of Club Championships under our belt.
How will my day pan out?
10.00 - Welcome with Tea/Coffee and Bacon Sandwiches
10.30 – Introductions and an opportunity for you to say what you would like to get out of the day. The topics we want to cover are fixed but we are also here for you and if we can fit it in we will cover any “Extras” you may want us to go through with you
11.00  - Explanation of the different types of front forks including Conventional, Upside Down, Balance Free, Big Piston and Electronic AKA Mechatronic. We will also demonstrate a fork strip down (Some sequences maybe shortened due to save time) and also the effects of different types of oils, Oil weight and also the relevance of the air gap above the oil level. Then to help visualise how the fork works we’ll discuss what the different components do, how they are adjusted and what those adjustments do.
12.15 Great British Tea Break
12.30 - Lets talk Shocks! How they work, how we build them, what they do and how to adjust them – and more importantly, why we adjust them! We’ll discuss oil cavitation and the effect it has on the shock and we’ll also demonstrate a Shock strip down.
The above will give you a good insight on the who, what’s, where any whys of suspension servicing and set-up and how set-up can change track to track and as your ability improves and more importantly the reasons why you should regularly have your suspension units serviced.
13.45 – We’ll end the seminar with a session on different “Set Ups” and how we change them, why we change them and a Q & A regarding your specific bike and or any questions you may have.
Approx 14.00 - Finish
The cost?
Just £50. 
The following dates are available:
17th June 2017
15th July 2017
Extra Dates Maybe Available.
Places are limited.
Please contact the office on 01777 871 095 to Book Your Place