Kawasaki Z1000 & Z1000 SX 2007 - 2019 Onwards BENCH ECU Flash & Re-Map Woolich Racing


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Kawasaki Z1000 & Z1000SX BENCH ECU Flash & Full Re-map

Please note that Bench mapping is not 100% accurate as it is based on bikes we have completed in the past with a similar specification. Its get you close but its not 100% We believe its best to be 100% upfront with our customers and for this reason we always recommend custom mapping over bench flashing.

ECU Flashing has become more and more popular as technology has advanced. At Parkitt Dyno & Suspension we have been flashing and mapping ECU's for a number of years and have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to chat things over on the phone with you prior to purchase or to discuss custom mapping with you.

  • IAP Fuel Maps
  • TPS Fuel Maps
  • Ignition Timing Maps
  • Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Opening Maps
  • Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Closing Maps (Model and Year Dependant)
  • Exhaust Valve Opening Maps (Model & Year Dependant) 
  • Adjust RPM Limiter
  • Adjust Fan Temperature
  • Disable Stock O2 Sensor
  • Disable Deceleration Fuel Cut
  • Engine Data - View Live Engine Data
  • Woolich Racing AutoTune - (Requires Applicable LogBox + Zeitronix Package)
  • Diagnostics: Read and Clear Fault Codes - (Requires Applicable V3 Interface)


"Race Tools" is the term used to describe the following package: * Fully configurable Quickshifter  * Configurable Launch Control * Pit / Speed Limiter * 

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